Mascoutah Food Pantry

Ernie Touchette

Ernie Touchette

For over 30 years, the Mascoutah Food Pantry has operated as a not-for-profit charitable organization within the city. Its principal objective is to assist the needy with food. This ministry began as a citizen lead initiative out of the basement of Ernie Touchette’s home. The needs of the ministry quickly grew beyond Ernie’s ability to serve the community.

The Christian churches of Mascoutah established a collective known as the Concerned Christians. This collective was to channel the benevolent activities of the member churches and to organize the outreach efforts in order to better serve the needy in the Mascoutah.

These two organizations have worked in unison and have been guided by a panel of representatives from the member churches.

Over the 30 years of operation, the Food Pantry has operated from several facilities within the city limits of Mascoutah. Throughout its history, the Food Pantry has been required to change locations primarily based on the growing needs of the poor in the community and the subsequent increase in the size of the overall ministry.

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